Get all information about a contact

Please take note of the few bullet points below before starting to use this endpoint:

  • You MUST have an opened API connection.
  • You MUST have a contact.
  • You NEED the email of your contact or his Wolfeo contact ID.
  • All special caracters must be encrypted to XXXXXXXXX eg. @ to %40

This function uses the same endpoint:

The request must include all of the required fields:

Name Value
secret_api_key * string(64)
contact_email* string(64)
OR contact_id string(64)

* Mandatory: this parameter must be included in your requests.

This request will return the information bellow when available:

Name Type Value
status string The API response: success or error.
contact_id *  string The contact unique identifer.
contact_email string The contact email address.
firstname string The contact firstname.
lastname string The contact lastname.
tag_ids string The ids attached to the contact.
sequence_ids string The sequences to whom the contact is subscribed.
string The name of the subscription.
string The subscription status: enable or disabled.
string The subscription next billing date.
string The number of payments left for this subscription (0 = unlimited).
string The next billing amount for this subscription.

* Mandatory: the response will always return these information.

Example request:

curl --data "api_key=demokey&"

Example return:

  "status": "success",
  "contact": [
        "contact_id": 8,
        "firstname": "John",
        "lastname": "Doe",
        "contact_email": "[email protected]",
        "tag_ids": "15,16,17,18",
        "sequence_ids": "8,10,56",
"subscriptions": [
                "subscription_name": "awesome product",
                "subscription_status": "active"
		"subscription_next_billing_date": "2099-01-01 10:00",
		"subscription_payments_left": "2099-01-01 10:00",
                "subscription_next_billing_amount": 34,

                "subscription_name": "best sub",
                "subscription_status": "disabled"
		"subscription_next_billing_date": "2099-01-01 10:00",
		"subscription_payments_left": "2099-01-01 10:00",
                "subscription_next_billing_amount": 34,

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