How to disconnect your Zoom account from Wolfeo

You'll need:

  • A connected Zoom account

We'll first show you how to disconnect the Zoom app from Wolfeo, and then we'll show you how to disconnect the APP directly from the Zoom marketplace. 

Disconnecting the Zoom app from Wolfeo

To start off, go to the  INTEGRATIONS menu under SETTINGS or access directly via this link :

Look for the Zoom app and click the CONFIGURE button:

Next, click the  LOGOUT button on the pop up:

The pop up will disappear and your Zoom account will be disconnected from Wolfeo:

Disconnecting the Wolfeo app from the Zoom App Marketplace

Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace. You can also access it directly via this link:

Click MANAGE to access your connected apps: 

Look for ADDED APPS and click REMOVE next to the Wolfeo app:

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